Hyde Guides

Guides to Buying, Renting & Selling

Hyde New Homes is the sales specialist for the Hyde Group, which develops housing for sale and rent in London and the South East. Founded in 1967, the Hyde Group is one of England's leading developers of homes for all needs and incomes and currently owns or manages in excess of 49,000 homes.

Hyde New Homes offers properties to purchase through 100% sale, the Shared Ownership scheme, rent through the Discounted Rent scheme and gives those aged over 55 the opportunity to buy retirement homes. Rapacioli Studio were commissioned to develop a set of guides for this wide range of target audiences to help explain the various processes involved with purchasing, part-purchasing, renting and selling the homes that the Hyde Group build and manage.

The guides aim to communicate complex propositions and legal terminology in clear, friendly, concise and accessible terms. This was achieved initially through a rewrite of the guides to ensure a unified tone of voice is found throughout the complete suite of literature. A simple and consistently applied illustration style is used to support and further explain with narrative and visual metaphor.

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