Taylors 32

Identity Creation and Packaging

Taylor's 32 is a new dental healthcare company. Their mission is simple: to create high quality and effective products, made from natural ingredients, that are free from harsh and unnecessary laboratory made chemicals. Breaking away from the clinical nature of the mainstream, they have made sure their products add zing to your routine too with unusual flavour combinations.

Working closely with the founder, Rapacioli Studio developed the brand for launch and further rolled it out across the packaging range and website. Taking the mundane act of brushing your teeth and turning it into an exciting experience is at the core of T32’s ethos. The “smile” logotype concept encapsulates this idea by encouraging a sense of enjoyment in your dental routine.

The toothpaste packaging uses repeat pattern botanical illustrations in a bold contemporary colour palette to maximise shelf presence. On closer inspection, clear typography and a more informative graphic illustration style is employed to differentiate between flavour types and convey supporting information. The brand has been applied to toothbrush packaging designs as well as the wonderful eco friendly laser etched Moso Bamboo toothbrush.

An e-commerce website was launched to coincide with the first batch of products arriving in store. The site allows users to buy single products or sign up for a subscribe-and-save scheme.

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